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layoffs and other problems could be coming to local county courts. it's more fallout from california's budget crisis. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. san francisco courts are getting hit with layoffs. the story is new at noon. we've heard of the cuts to education and social services but this time the court system will feel the impact of the budget acts. jade hernandez joins us live to explain what this will mean for residents of the city.
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jade? >> reporter: well, that's right. the 60-day notices go out today. 200 court employees will receive them and that's not all. 25 courtrooms inside of that courthouse will close. at a press conference which just wrapped up 45 days degree -- ago, kathleen feinstein laid out what the lawmakers have set out to do. >> the people who will suffer will be the ones who need our help the most because they will have nowhere else to go to get a divorce, to get their money back from an unscrupulous roommate or to sue a reck les a -- a reckless driver who injured them in a car accident. >> reporter: the judge says the state's plundering leaving the court facing a $10 million budget deficit next year. now attorneys are worried for
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future cases. >> i think there is a lot of questions that the it staff had even, you know, what it's gonna gonna mean how long it's gonna take to get papers filed. >> our court is suffering because the governor -- because of the governor and the legislature, they've so brazenly used the judicial branch as their atm and in an attempt to solve their failing budget crisis. >> reporter: among the layoffs, 11 collisioners layoffs take effect -- commissioners, layoffs take effect. 25 courtrooms will close indefinitely. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. police in richmond p are investigating a deadly night of gun violence that left a man and a woman dead and two other people injured. the shootings happened within half an hour of each other, the first at gertrude eve near york street in north richmond, the
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second about two miles away at 4th street. that's where someone shot and killed a man and a woman in their 30s about 10:15 last night. another it woman was hospitalized with gunshot wounds. the victims' names have not been release. police say a 23-year-old old it shot at the first location, 30 minutes earlier, is expected to survive. >> we have some kind of feud going on between north richmond and our central richmond area. we don't know exactly what that is at this time. we're trying to figure that out. >> police say they have no suspects in custody in either case. they are asking the public for information that may help solve the cases. three people have been hurt in a shooting in san jose. it happened shortly before midnight on jeanne avenue near the downtown area. investigators say the victims are two adults and one teenager. the extent of their injuries is still not known and so far there have been no arrests.
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police are expected to release more information later today. there is a press kes firefighter -- press conference scheduled right now for a man who shot a man after they say he started firing at them. but some activists are disputing that story. paul chambers joins us live with more. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. this is a growing protest. you can see there is a lot of concerned citizens out here. they say they are protesting the shooting death of a 19-year- old man by the san francisco police. this is gonna be a peaceful process as you can see, san francisco police officers are across the street just in case something happens. this is all because of a 19- year-old whose name is kenneth harding. san francisco police say say around 4:45 saturday afternoon, they detained harding for not paying his fare on muni. somehow harding got away from
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police and started running. police says that's when he en-- that's when he started to fire while getting away. officers then shot him. this is him on the ground. some say officers were wrong for shooting harding. that's why they came together today. >> the purpose of the rally is to go the -- is to get to the bottom of this in more depth and details, why did this man get shot over $2. why did he get shot over $2? that's all it was, about a $2 transport? >> whoever posted that youtube video did demonstrate there was firing at the scene -- there was a firearm at the scene and that people picked up it and made off with it. >> we've also earned that harding has a record. harding was recently released from jail after serving time for promoting prostitution of a 13-year-old girl. police say she was considered a
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person of interesting. taniaya gilbert. it was first reported that she was pregnant but a coroner's report says she's not at all. afters of right now, this is -- as of right now, you can see this is an evergrowing crowd for the protest. we'll have the results at 5:00 and 6:00 on the news. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, paul. a federal appeals court in san francisco is hearing arguments today in the fatal shooting of rap artist james three years ago. santa clara police shot him after he turned violent at a party and stabbed two people and a police dog. family members are appealing saying police should have used other tactics to subduben - -- to subdue him before they pulled the trigger. two teenagers who are accused of starting a fire that
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destroyed san jose's trace elementary school were in court this morning. the july 2010 fire caused millions of dollars in damage. the teens are 16 and 17 years old but are being charged as adults. if convicted of arson, they could face ten years to life in prison. a fight at a popular tour spot in san francisco has left a man seriously injured. two men got into a fight around 4:00 in the afternoon on saturday in the first block of jefferson street. one of the men fell and hit his head after being punched. the 43-year-old victim is at san francisco general hospital with life-threatening injuries. police arrested the otherman. neither have been identified. almost two dozen san jose firefighters who were laid off last year due to budget cuts will soon be back on the job. 22 firefighters accepted their positions back last friday as we showed you here on the news at noon. they were rehired thanks to a
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federal grant. today the reinstated firefighters will be given a refresher course at the san jose fire academy before returning to regular duty. ahead -- these's ott of jail but where did she go -- she's out of jail but where did she go? the bay area may be warming up. steve paulson has it ahead. ahead the bay area counties with the most crashes. bap ;
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new metering lights are in place. the lights were activated this morning on the southbound onramps between pleasanton and milpitas. the lights are supposed to reduce traffic, congestion caused by carpoolers trying to pass several lanes of traffic. thsolid green this week but will be set for next week. oakland police caught up with a driver who slammed into a fence and took off run. it happened next to 580 at 37th and west. the building was not damaged but the fence was destroyed.
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he was taken to the hospital. no word on how badly he was hurt. allstate insurance unveiled a couple of signs at berkeley at oxford and university avenue. it says request look twice "and is aimed at other cars and motorcycles that share the road. they compiled a list of intersections. many intersections topped that list, include the bay bridge. >> you are sitting in traffic and you see a motorcycle come flying between the traffic. that's okay here, not okay 0 in other areas -- not okay in other areas. >> there were more than 1300 motorcycle crashes in three bay area counties in 2009. 29 of them fatal. alameda county had more than
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500 crashes. santa clara it crashes 39 and san francisco had 421. a new study say children may be safer driven by their grandmother or grandma. the risk is about 7/10 of getting injured with their grand parents but with a parent, 1%. only a select few people know the whereabouts of casey anthony right now following her release from prison over the weekend. a jury in orlando, florida acquitted the 25-year-old woman of murder in the death of her 2- year-old daughter, caylee. after three years in jail and a trial that left her vilified, she was whisked away by her attorney and an armed guard
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yesterday. her attorney said elaborate plans were made to keep her safe because of a lynch mob mentality by people angry about the verdict. he says she's safe but her -- but her life will be difficult for a very long time. in the last hour, we learned a startling new development in britain's phone hacking and police bribery scandal. there are reports that the reporter who first blew the whistle has been found dead in his home. but police say his death does not appear suspicious. in the meantime, david camny ron has called for an -- cameron has called for an emergency session tomorrow. paul stevenson and the assist taftant commissioner today have resigned. this is after rebecca brooks was arrested on friday. brooks along with murdoch and his john james will all be
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ordered to testify tomorrow. >> for my part, what i would say is this -- we've taken very decisive action. we've set up a judicial inquiry that can look at all aspects of this issue. >> the prime minister is also fielding questions about his own judgment in hiring former news of the world eddieder andy -- candy kolson. he's resigned. hamid karzai attended the funeral today for one of his closest advisers. this is video of him today at the funeral. two gunmen killed the karzai adviser and the parliamentaryian he was meeting with. this is the second funeral karzai has attended in less than a week. his half brother was killed last week in southern afghanistan. general david petraeus handed over command of american
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and coalition forces in afghanistan to general john allen this. is video of the handover ceremony in kabul today. petraeus steps down after one year in charge of the more than 140,000 international troops in the country. he's retiring from the army to become director of the cia. general allen will oversee the drawdown. u.s. forces that started earlier in the month. and nelson mandela is celebrating his 93rd birthday today and he got a special gift. ♪ happy birthday ♪ >> earlier today, students in south africa sang a special version of "happy birth day" before starting this their is lessons. people are being called on to mark the day with 67 minutes of volunteer work. each minute represents a remember of his public service. well, a mostly sunny monday
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compared to a mostly cloudy sunday morning we do have some patchy fog there. at least temperatures are coming up ever-so slightly. there is a system working its way to the north and the sea breeze has started to develop out of the west. we haven't lost that -- lost that in the longest time. we've been stuck in a -- in a pattern. the breeze is beginning to pick up. it's now starting to show itself. this low up there is continuing to spin, north of redding, now back into fort bragg and mendocino county. it started to move off to the east. it's beat ginning to increase clouds to the north. and northwestern sonoma county also increased some of that fog. it's fog free, santa cruz coastline a far -- a far cry from yesterday.
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temperatures are in the mid-70s for many here, rather consistent. san jose, 75. livermore is in there, concord, fairfield, napa's close. santa rosa, san rafael, hayward, mountain view says 74. 67 in san francisco, and oakland downtown, it's 68 degrees. but as long as that low is there, it's hard to get warm, i mean even sacramento and areas out to stockton are in the low os. one -- low os. it's in the middle -- 80s. it's in the middle of the country, where it's been incredibly hot, including up to the dakotas. today, though, there is a lot of sunshine out there. it's fair, cloudy. mild to warm, a little bit before patchy fog but we are leaning on a slightly warmer forecast. clearlake losing out to other areas, the farther north you go, still some low 80s are possible. a lot of 60s and 70s.
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low 80s morgan hill. fremont, 73. still nice and 6 san francisco. 60s san mateo coast, 70 santa cruz. a little warmer tuesday into wednesday. it does look like as we head to the end of the week, i don't think it will last very long. >> what about the twitter nation? >> i talked to a lady yesterday and she said, where is that heat. where is that heat. >> if they want real heat they can head to the midwest. >> unbelievable. >> it's so high north also, they don't have a lot of air conditioning. >> the three hs, heat, hot and humid. >> yes. >> thank you. >> you bet. right now, many students are scrambling to get the classes they want at santa rosa junior college. open enrollment started at 6:00 this morning on the internet with budget cutbacks, the college cut 11% of the classes
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this term and "the press democrat" is reporting that 20% of the remaining classes are full by returning students no had priority enrollment. the far term starts in four weeks. traffic is moving as normal on the 405 in los angeles. in fact, the 405 reopened yesterday, 16 hours ahead of schedule. partial demolition of the mulholland bridge finished earlier than expected, giving caltrans the green light time to -- cars time to get back on the busy roadway. antonio villaraigosa credits southland drivers for staying off the roads this weekend. >> so the sacrifices, the burdens that we share now will have dividendses going into the future. >> caltrans will finish demolition of the bridge next year force everything the 405 to shut down again -- forcing the 405 to shut down again. police in the central valley town of lodi are hoping
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surveillance video will help catch three women who stole exotic reptiles. the theft happened last weekend at the pet store and police it surveillance caught two women stuffing reptiles in their purses while the third distracted the owners. the owner says the reptiles are worth $700 combined. >> she stole the russian taurus. she grabbed this and she stuffed it in her purse. picks it up. picks it in her husband -- and this one here she walks straight out. >> the stolen pets include a lizard and two russian today tesss. the owner is train angry because he didn't believe the thieves know how to properly care for the animals. the world series victory has won them a trip to the white house but the san francisco giants will also be
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honored by the san francisco for another reason.
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street, not even a strong string of earnings reports could scathe off investor worries on wall street. europe's banking troubles and and -- and an impasse over lifting the u.s.'s borrowing limits, the dow is down 127,
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nasdaq down 129. 911 s&p down 14. later this morning, president obama announced his nomination. he nominated former ohio attorney general richard cordray to the new post. he was the leader among state regulators who challenged banks over their mortgage foreclosure practices. his nomination is expected to run into opposition from senate republicans and the financial services industry. now another celebrity is getting an invitation to a marine it corps ball. >> i would take betty white. she's just funny. she's sweet. she's mature. she's the all-around perfect woman. >> that's sergeant lewis inviting betty white to be his date for the marine corps ball. she has not responded yet.
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justin timberlake said attending the ball is a way to honor your country. a man in western australia caught quite a site on the beach while pat the beach. well, you can see one of two dogs swimming near a group of sharks and went under water and bit the shark. critics say it was inhumane and irresponsible to get mountain -- to let the jobs swim near the sharks. president obama will welcome the san francisco giants to the white house next week. this is the first time the family had won the world series in 56 years. the president also plans to honor the team for its community service work. hairly potter -- harry potter cast a magic spell. the final movie it be and the boy -- of the boy wizard and
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pits friend took in $10 million more than batman and the dark knight. it's more than the total ticket sales for the rest of the top ten movies at this weeks's box office. coming up tonight at 10:00, where is casey an tony we tracked down reports that -- anthony? we tracked down reports that she may have been carried here by plane. that and more at 5:00. thanks for watching. have a great day.
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